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Jeff and Ken Hauk

What makes this book so special is it’s dedicated to the other author my brother. He died January 2017 49yrs old of a massive heart attack, he wrote most of these poems.

The uniqueness of the book is the pictures behind the poem, there’s a different scene that goes with each poem, also the high glossy color pages.

Jeff & I have been writing poetry all our lives.

We promised each other that if anything ever happened to either one of us that we would try to publish our poems someday & carry on the legacy of true inspirational life changing moments of times in our life.

So after he passed I finished putting together the book. Most of the poems in this book were his , I have a couple of them in there that I shared. He wrote 2 special ones to me, My Brother My Angel & My Brother. He had one other request, & that was for me to help take care of his daughter. So I set up an education fund through the bank for his daughter & 10% of book earnings will go toward her education. I have a wonderful & beautiful son with autism who I adore & love so much. My children’s book 10% of earnings will go to Autism Awareness. This is also in writing in both books on copyright page.

For the Autism Awarness I have a foundation already set up, go to: is an apparel site & earnings go to 3 different charities: Autism,Cancer,Feed the Children.

Time, the most precious commodity, cherish every moment. Nothing can touch it, it waits for no one, it can’t be bought, it can’t be sold, we all wish for more. It goes forward & never stops & will never end. Enjoy each & every moment, because you will never get that moment back again. Every second is a new second, ever hour is a new hour, every day is a new day. We all wish we could have spent a little more time with the loved ones we lost. Jeff I will always cherish the time we had. It went so quick, one day we’re playing cowboys & Indians shooting cap guns, next day we’re running a landscape business.

It is said the best poems ever written were inspired during moments of despair, heartache, & tragedy.  I don’t know if this is true for every poet, but it was during these times that Jeff felt it was his only chance to escape through paper and pen. He had been through trials and tribulations & written about them in the form of poems & now ready to share his thoughts with the world. Because of these writings is what made him stronger & gave him the determination to wake up & fight another day. His family was only a lighthouse in a distant land he new as home, his paper was his boat, & his pen was the oars, & his words were the strength to row through the oceans of despair. His intent was to share his work in hope that maybe it may help someone else survive the same things he went through in life.

He was a brother, business partner, & best friend. He’s gone but will never be forgotten. There’s days I feel his presence in the wind, it lifts me up & I feel ok again, it puts my mind at ease because I know he’s at peace. He was a kind hearted, caring, loving man who was always there in time of need. We will remember him through his poetic words that make us happy & smile, sad & cry, but will be a part of him that will carry on for eternity & will always be remembered. His poems will never perish the words alone will stand on their own & bring a true sense of meaning to inspire a better life to live. Brother Jeff your now Global, for eternity.

Love you,
Brother Ken